So if you haven’t been blogging…

…what have you been doing, exactly?

Pitifully little in my spare time, now that you mention it. But thanks for asking.

What I have been doing is working like crazy on launching an interactive product for 3rd-5th grade classrooms called Digital Passport:

Click through to read the press release and view the marketing video

Impressed? I thought you would be. Just for schools right now, but a home version is coming soon for all of you parents of 8-11-year-olds.

This is also proving to be my swan song for Common Sense Media and I’m shifting gears big time mid-September to join the team at ModCloth, purveyors of really cool vintage-inspired clothes and decor. I’m sad to leave my amazing team at Common Sense behind after more than six years, but it’s time to learn something new and I’m super excited about this new opportunity.

I’m also taking this major job and life shift as an opportunity to recommit myself to writing and blogging. In my new role I’ll be doing a lot less work-related writing so you can look forward to more frequent blabbing in this space. So…yay!


I make things. And do things. And think about things. And stuff. And whatnot.

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One comment on “So if you haven’t been blogging…
  1. Gordon Hunt says:

    Write something, I need something new to read

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