CSA. I haz one.

On Thursday night I picked up our first CSA box. It contained navel oranges, tangerines, dandelion greens, stir fry mix (which consisted of a bunch of baby kale and chard), green garlic (which I have NO idea what to do with), savoy cabbage, leeks, celeriac, pink lady apples, and carrots. In that brown bag inside that zip lock bag are dried peaches that smelled like, well, poop. We had to sequester them on account of their poopiness.

So far, I’ve made sauteed apples that I topped with ice cream and toasted almonds (would have been a crisp but the CSA didn’t also bring rolled oats) and a delicious sauteed greens dish to go along side soy and sesame steamed cod and rice. The carrots are destined to be pickled. The celeriac will be a slaw or soup. The cabbage will be a nice saute. The peaches…well…probably headed for the trash.

So far, so good. Looking forward to seeing what comes in two weeks.


I make things. And do things. And think about things. And stuff. And whatnot.

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2 comments on “CSA. I haz one.
  1. erlthegirl says:

    I always take the weird dried fruit to work and leave it on the common table. Disappears in no time!

  2. Valerie says:

    I am going to love seeing how your West Coast Shares look different from our East Cost shares 🙂

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