Hi, Emily. Welcome to 1999. Have a Zima.

Well finally. Here I am. Writing a blog. This is not the first time I’ve thought about blogging, but it is the time that I’ve actually gone and done it.

My hesitation has always hinged on the question, “what are you going to blog about?” Frankly, I don’t know. But here are a few topics about which I suspect I can string together a few coherent paragraphs:

  • Foods I cook
  • Things I knit
  • Photos I take
  • Revelations I have
  • Hidden gems I discover
  • Places I visit
  • Projects I somehow manage to finish
  • And whatnot

Whether or not I manage to string all of these disparate topics together into some kind of interesting reading for you, dear reader, remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.


I make things. And do things. And think about things. And stuff. And whatnot.

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One comment on “Hi, Emily. Welcome to 1999. Have a Zima.
  1. Jill says:

    yay! i will be back, especially for the whatnot.

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